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Design    Process
Step 1: Discuss

There are many web development agencies today that are all-too-accustomed to meeting the most basic requests of their clients. When clients express their desire to ‘build a website’, there often exists little discussion concerning ‘why’ such a site should exist in the first place.

For our company, discussion is the most critical first step by which we can ensure your project’s overall success. We are excited to take on problems both small and large. Furthermore, our free consultation ensures we have gained all the facts from you that will be relevant in making the next step. Sharing an understanding and enthusiasm for bringing improvement to the practice of dentistry requires continual insight, and it is our belief that discussion is the underlying impetus to making these discoveries possible.

Step 2: Plan

Once the underlying needs and overall vision of your project has been clearly stated and identified, it is time to plan. In planning your web development project, we provide you with an overall understanding of the time, resources, and costs involved in bringing your goals to life. It also ensures that your goals are most clearly understood by our company before moving forward with the design process.

Step 3: Design

The design process ensures that we have correctly addressed the functional and esthetic concerns you have stated regarding your website. You will therefore be provided an opportunity to give us critical feedback regarding the mockups we have made for your site. Before moving forward, we will seek your approval on any potential layout changes discussed during this phase.

Step 4: Development and Testing

Once we have built the designed website, we ask that you take another critical look before going live. During this step it is important to not only evaluate the look of things, but also the feel of things. For instance, this would be the time to assess the performance and interactive features of your site before going live.

Step 5: Launch, Monitor and Grow

Is a crown truly finished once it has been seated in the patients mouth? While it is tempting to think this way, the reality is that nothing in life is ever 100% complete. The crown is not ‘finished’, so much as it has reached a new stage of existence; namely, a life of residence within the patient’s mouth. For this reason, it would be poor practice, to the extent of negligence, for a dentist to never check up on it again.

Similarly, your website is a dynamic extension of your dental practice or lab. Therefore, analyzing your site performance, traffic, user experiences, and overall functionality are all critical aspects of ensuring your goals are being met by the technology in which you have invested. Like patient checkups or QA checks, we believe that your investment in ongoing and deserves critical monitoring and maintenance to optimize its ongoing health and effectivity.

Practice    Branding

The identity of your dental practice is unique. From the type of services offered to the underlying philosophy and feel of your office environment, it is important that each of the critical features of your practice are concisely, accurately, and beautifully presented to your prospective and current patients. Since each stylistic decision made in this process produces an impact, it is important that the details of your logo and print media not only serve to distinguish your practice, but do so in the most meaningful manner possible.

It is for this reason that we invest our time into understanding the dynamics of your practice first. Then, our team will help guide you to a decision on the best mix of images, fonts, and colors that serve to express the message and goals your practice carries forward.

Online    Marketing

It’s no secret that the majority of patients begin their search for a new dentist on Google. The online marketing strategy for your practice is therefore an essential ingredient of your overall relevance in today’s competitive environment. While Google provides many key insights related to how it ranks the relevance of its search results, it is important to keep in mind that the factors related to your search position are constantly evolving. As Google and other search engines continually improve upon the algorithms that best connect customers to their desired content, we work to utilize all the tools available in helping to get your practice found.

Paid Search Marketing

Depending on the competitiveness of your local area, paid marketing can oftentimes serve as an excellent platform from which your dental practice or laboratory may increase its discovery. These types of online advertisements may be driven through a variety of methods such as Click-to-Call, Online Ads, or social media campaigns. Bytewax not only implements these improved marketing features for your practice, but works to ensure that they deliver the highest return on investment possible through continual research, monitoring and analysis of your campaigns performance.


BYTEWAX   Web Launch Packages

We provide the following package options as general guides to assist prospective clients interested in understanding commonly grouped services and their associated costs. The actual cost and services required for your website can only be determined following the free consultation process.

Gateway Platform


Domain Registration or Transfer

Unlimited Email Accounts

Unlimited Website Pages

Responsive Mobile Design

Online, Drag & Drop Style Web Editor

Facebook and Twitter Page Branding

Unlimited Template Selections and Updated

Blog Integration

6 hours of Custom Development

Horizons Platform


Gateway Platform

Custom Header and Footer

Custom Content

Landing Page Animation

6 Additional Hours Custom Development

SEO Maintenance - 2 Months

Google Plus, Yelp, and Bing Inclusions

2+ Social Media Integrations

Custom Infographic

Zen Platform


Horizon Platform Features

Advanced Design Consultation (up to 6 hrs)

Complete Custom Development

1-yr Customer Support

SEO Maintenance - 6 Months

Multiple Custom Infographics

Custom Web Applications

Multiple Animations

Customized AdSense Campaigns


Advanced Security

Providing you with advanced security services including secured socket layering and digital certification protection are just some of the mechanisms we utilize in protecting the privacy of your practice. By request, we can also feature custom security enhancements for services like online billing.

HIPPA Compliance

Bytewax ensures that each of its sites are compliant with current HIPPA protocols. We provide your patients with the security they need when accessing, sending, or retrieving their private information. Bytewax also helps provide you and your office staff with simple, protective measures to help ensure compliance online.

24/7 Web Support

Bytewax stands behind you every minute of every day with live support at your fingertips. Why hassle troubleshooting support issues with various online agencies when Bytewax covers your every need? Bytewax keeps you covered by housing your online practice under the security and convenience of one roof.

Team Profiles

Bytewax provides every practice with beautifully designed portfolios and bio sections that serve to fully compliment the uniqueness of your practice.

Appointment Request

Requesting appointments online is made simple through the use of our HIPPA-secure, custom request forms. Generate more leads by providing convenient scheduling requests for your patients.

Fundamental Q & A

Providing prospective and current patients with easily-accessible information about your practice is an essential feature of any modern website. Bytewax provides all the important details of your practice in the most user-friendly manner possible.

Who    We    Are

Led by its president and founder, Lisa Brooks D.D.S., Bytewax is a tight-knit collective of web developers, designers, artists, dentists, and marketing specialists that all have an interest in building better websites and applications for the dental profession. Our focus is in fusing state-of-the-art technology and web development practices with creativity, aestheticism, and purposeful design.

We are excited to work with the following dental specialties and professionals:

General | Endodontists | Orthodontists | Oral Surgeons | Periodontists | Prosthodontists | Pediatric Dentists | Cosmetic Dentists| Dental Laboratories | Dental Educators

President and Founder of Bytewax Media
Lisa Brooks D.D.S.
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